(The album) is a do-it-yourself project that boasts of a list of heavyweights for collaborators. They can reap the kind of success that their talents richly deserve.

Allan Hernandez
( The Manila Times, 23 April 1999)

...This group of singers has got a really unique angle: it actually knows what it's doing! After listening to their CD, I have respect for them, too. Especially after savoring their a capella cuts. The way they're arranged is just so tight, you get the image of a flowing river. And their voices fit in so well with each other, like a solved jigsaw puzzle.

Gloria P. Sicam
( Philippine Daily Inquirer, 24 April 1999 )

III of A Kind is about the best one-of-a-kind album released during this season when the recording scene is flooded with mediocre artists wanting to score a hit through the tried and tested revival formula. Vocal power and excellent vocal quality certainly score more points than sound and vocal engineering and hype. Pure talents like the members of III of A Kind rightfully deserve our admiration and support.

Noel D. Ferrer
( Manila Standard, 1 May 1999 )

Years of performing together here and abroad have proven that their voices blend well together. In fact, if you don't watch them live, you'd think that this trio is actually one singer.

Maridol Ranosa-Bismark
( The Philippine Star, 1 May 1999 )

The big names in music are backing III of A Kind up all the way. If that'sany indication of their worth as artists, it is that the music of III of A Kind is worth spending one's time with and giving one's attention to.

Maridol Ranosa-Bismark
( The Philippine Star, 1 May 1999 )

(The album) showcases just how far and wide the singing capacity of the three can be measured. It is actually immeasurable.

Tessa Mauricio
( Manila Bulletin, 3 May 1999 )