Being a youngster of many talents, she practically took all available summer lessons from ballet to swimming. One summer she joined the children's choir of her alma mater, the University of the Philippines, and she hasn't stopped singing since.

          She was eight years old when she started singing professionaly with the U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim.  By her teen years she was already writing and arranging music, playing the piano and guitar, as well as mounting school productions. Already a night owl since then, she could never get up on time to conduct the school's flag ceremony which everybody in the school expected her to do. They claimed that it sounded different everytime she led the singing.

         Annie always thought that her musical talent was the norm and not exceptional. She just thought that she liked musical acitivity more than others. She didn't realize how ingrained it has been in her system until she enrolled in college, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Realizing her mistake, she promptly shifted to the U.P. College of Music & majored in Composition and Musicology instead.

          It was then that she was invited to join the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers.
She toured with the group extensively and was part of the 1989 Grand Slam--wherein the group won first prizes in all competitions they joined throughout Europe.

          Annie has been making a name for herself as a session vocalist since her college days; recording lead and back-up vocals for jingles and commercial albums. Now, the night owl spends her evenings writing and arranging for III of A Kind, as well as doing vocal, band and orchestra arrangements. Her latest assignment involved her as the vocal coach and arranger for the musical "Rama at Sita. " She has also been teaching Voice to hobbyists and professionals at Ryan Cayabyab The Music Studio.