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our messages and memories...


        I met Lui through Search-In. To say that Lui was an active member is an understatement, he was passionately dedicated to it. Even at times when obstacles and problems faced the group, he would aggressively do all he could to keep the Search-In going! Even two years after he had graduated from high school, he was always present to give his whole hearted support. We used to have long talks discussing the Search-In and he was always eager to gain more insights to better serve the program and the 'family.' His leaving this life is a great loss. I looked forward to a Lui maturing through the years and growing in his capability to serve others. But God has other plans. Now Lui can continue serving others from where he can behold the face of God. God bless you my brother and friend.

Louie Aguinaldo
Circle 8


Lui we will never forget you... we love you dude

Robby Neo
Circle 113

dude u left us so early. ang dami mo pa namang pwedeng magawa. i will always remember you, and what you have done for search-in and for me. you'll forever be an inspiration to us. you are a true friend. sorry sa mga pangangasar ko sayo, hehe! il always remember the last time i was with you. we were eating pizza in search-in. you even thanked me so much for lending you my palm card for pizza hut. dude i'll miss your warrior style... i won't wear my slippers for the next
circle just for you. people loved you so much. and they still love you. you were always there
for me when i needed guidance for search-in. it was always a delight for me whenever i would see you in search -in. you deserve to be in heaven. i know you are at peace now. now you are home. don't worry about your cousin, kami na bahala sa kanya. dude we'll miss u a lot! i have so much to say but i can't find the words to say it. salamat pare! salamat chief! sa tawag ng panahon! iisang tugon! derecho santugon! hehe! animo lasalle! animo lui!

 Jeo Odulio
Circle 117


The Search-In family was very lucky to have had Lui as a dedicated member. I envy those who have had the chance to work with him, for knowing him and having experienced his animo! I know that there will always be a part of Lui in those whom his life has touched, and his spirit lives on. We thank the Lord for 'lending' Lui to us for this short period of time. We all have our missions, and Lui's is complete. We continue to pray that God grant him peace and reward him many times over for a job well done. Rest peacefully, brother.

Rico Ledesma
Circle 6


Lui is the reason why i became active in search - in as a member of the core group. He was the one who showed me all the beautiful things that Search - In has to offer to all those who are in it. He was a real friend in times of obstacles. We've never spent that much time with each other since college but whenever we see each other, the first thing that he will say is "o, kamusta na?" That simple question brings comfort to me; that tells me that I have Lui to lean on. Lui was the center person of Circle 115, my circle. As far as I can remember, he was a good CP. He was always present in every activity of our circle. Last year, he never stopped helping our core group in all our problems. He always stepped aside his own problems just to be able to help others in their own personal tests. That's how good Lui is as a person and as a friend. Lui, you may not be with us physically anymore, but the memories you left behind will always be treasured. We love you. Thanks a lot. We'll miss you. Take care.

 Coy Sison
Circle 115

Lui opened my doors to reality, to life.. Lui is so dear to me that I always look forward to coming back to search-in.. With him, I have a family, of a brother and a friend.. Lui is a place where you will find a true person - your true friend.. And Lui is among the ones you will cherish for the rest of your lives.. Lui is the best! Whenever I close my eyes and find nothing, or when I get tired of the things happening around me, I look back and remember Lui.. Those few days when we share those special times together, with one another, a unique circle, a family.. Forever I will thank God for bringing Lui into my life, and forever I will live to the promise that I have made with him, during that one point in my life.. Thank you Lui for being part of it.. I love you more than I hate you for leaving!! Till next time…

 RP Pinangat
Circle 114

Lui is a super friend. He was always there for me when I need someone to comfort me. Whenever I share my thoughts to him, he never fails to give time to hug me. I remember him as one good leader because no matter how hectic his schedule is, he will set aside his personal problems in order to be at the service of his family. People loved Lui for his kind heart and a gentle mind. I will always treasure everything we have shared, through the bad times and the good times. Lui, Thanks for everything you did for the Search-In family. Your a great loss but I know, someday and somehow, you'll be there for us whenever we'll need you again. Peace out!

RJ Acdal
Circle 113

 it was easter sunday of last year when i first met lui on his month-and-half long vacation at our place in laguna. i thought he was just an ordinary kid who just loves to walk around the house barefooted, watch a lot of anime cartoons and wear that dark green headband alternately with my son, r-jo, to keep their long hairs away from their cute pimpled faces. as the days passed, we have developed a close bonding that i have started calling him "son" as i did r-jo. it wasn't just to make him feel at ease as our houseguest, but more on the feeling that in the good and hard times that we've shared, lui was one guiding spirit who patiently encouraged me to go on whenever i feel down. there was a time when i never wanted to go to manila to attend the Covenant activities but lui would always call me up by long distance during his lunchbreaks and when he finally convinced me to go, he didn't fail to fulfill his promise to rush from dlsu to meet me at the gate of lsgh to give me that much-needed moral support and never leaving my side till i have participated in all the activities. yes, it was him instead of me, the elder one, who says the better words and does the better things. a few times more, i have seen lui inspire other people with his good words and deeds. i was just one of the many lucky ones. thank you, son.

 tita Jay C. Salillas