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          Emile or Chingky as we have fondly called him was a close friend of mine. Perhaps the fondest memories I have with him was during our sophomore year at LSGH. Countless times would we along with the barkada spend afternoons together, specially on weekends, definitely during saturdays. We would often wait in front of the ortigas gate for the rest of the barkada to come until we were complete. Sometimes when the wait is too long and the perennial late comers have not shown up I would insist that those who are there just go ahead and leave the latecomers. Chinky on the other hand would always...always... convince me to wait for the other people until we were complete.
         His desire to sing was so evident during those years. From the songfest practice and the awit ng pluma which I had the chance to sing along with him. I saw his passion to sing and the great joy he derives from it. Then he joined the Kundirana and I got myself immersed in the SACB. Everyone was busy that it was hard to spend the same amount of time that we used to, so circle of friends and the gang were composed of the people you usually work with in your extra-curricular activities or your homeroom class. Still we shared a close bond, the ones that are borne out of real friendship. Even if the time shared was not that much, still when we had the chance to talk briefly, the conversation was not superficial but rather sincere and deep-rooted.
          Probably one of the last times I saw and talked with him was during the physician oath taking ceremony. The first words which came out from him was "Dr. Erwinn Sistoza, kamusta ka na," and I said " Dr. Emil Chingcuangco, Chingky, kamusta ka na." and during that time, that feeling of deep-rooted, sincere and true friendship was felt, and I realized, it never goes away.
          Salamat Chingky, salamat Emil.

 Erwinn Sistoza
LSGH Batch 84
Search-In Circle 20


Dearest Chingks,
I will always remember our quezon city days. Our galleria escapades. Our movies and coffees. You are now in a place where pain and sorrow cease to exist. Thank you for ten years of beautiful friendship.


toph =)

 Tophy Andrada
Search-In Circle 48


 dearest chingky,

allow me to e-mail you one last time. you may no longer be present physically in front of your computer to open your mails, but i know you'll be able to read this somehow, in your own way. i don't care if this eventually gets lost in cyberspace but i have this strange feeling the message will seek you, wherever you are.

let me begin by saying THANK YOU! i know many of us have taken for granted these very words which we've used quite often, sometimes devoid of meaning. but then, i don't know how else to tell you how much i appreciate the person that you are, a dear dear friend to me and to us. that you have touched our lives is an understatement. and now that you have moved on, please know that i can not thank you enough for the many good things you've done for me. no matter what i do now, i can never ever return the favours. ah, of course. i know you are someone who does not expect anything in return. that's the very character of the unassuming, selfless and caring friend that you are. but for whatever it's worth, chingks, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

we, your friends, are in a quandary as to how we could have cushioned your sufferings. we did not realize how difficult life had been for you for the past three years. we are sorry to have failed to see through the calm "i'm fine" demeanor which you projected all along. although there had been times in the past you've shown your vulnerability, thinking aloud now, we might have overlooked your plea for more understanding. we had a tendency to blame you for the seemingly lack of drive from your end, for succumbing to the "pains" your sickness has brought onto you. we are truly sorry we did not know the pain was too much, that all your energies were channeled to mere survival. you, in fact, was of the brave kind, silently enduring the agony alone so as not to inconvenience any of us.

we have become second family to each other. to each other we are a friend, a brother, a confidant, a buddy, a companion, and more. our lives are somehow intertwined, even linked that made the loss of one so very difficult to accept. death we thought, was the enemy. we were outraged for death has robbed you of your dreams. more so, it was like a vicious thief taking you away from us. we question God for letting this thing happen. why pick on you when there are too many bad people around who do not deserve life? but then of course we realize God indeed has a purpose. we, in fact, should thank Him for giving us the privilege of being part of you, no matter how briefly. God must have a far bigger mission for you some place else. wherever you are now, may you find true happiness in eternal life.

things will never be the same again for us whom you've left behind. you've created a void no one can ever fill. we need to cope with this loss and try to move on. it will be very difficult but we know that's what you want us to do.

as we finally bid you goodbye, be assured that you will never be forgotten. you will forever be in our hearts. and we know, like an angel that you are, you will forever take care of us. with a smile we send you off to your journey. you leave us with happy memories, something that can never be taken away from us. thank you for the friendship...thank for the memories...thank you for the love.

in God's grace we say... farewell to you, dear friend.

ray ventura

 Ray Ventura
LSGH Batch 84
Search-In Circle 23


 The most memorable time in my life was during my sophomore year. That was
because I had friends like you Chingky. The times we would spend together after class and on saturdays. The practices for the different competitions our class joined. However, the most unforgetable time for me was when our class went to Baguio. We had so much fun there with everyone.

My sophomore year was the last time that I was close to Chingky. We never became classmates after that. But even if our friendship did not stay throughout the years, the memories of the times spent with Chingky are like moments of yesterday, so real and so clear.

I would not like to say goodbye, because although you are no longer here physically, you will always be in the hearts and minds of the people and friends whose lives you have touched throughout the years.

Welcome to a new world...

 Don Davies
LSGH Batch 84


 Though a lot of people now remember him fondly as "Chingky", I've always known him as Emil. He was a good friend in our early grade school years at greenhills, then we simply drifted apart as we entered high school. I got the chance to be close to him again due to Search-In, this time as "Chingky". He was one who was full of character, "mataray" being his most famous... but, he was also a dear and loyal friend - always there
to help. His dedication to Search-In made me admire him and was endeared by him.

Through the LSGH '84 Mailing List, he was always informed about the latest from our batch mates and last October 10, two weeks before he parted... he wrote me an e-mail commending me for my work on the batch and that he was proud of his batch mates who are all successful in their own fields. I never realized that it was the last time I will hear from Emil... in a way, he said his good-byes to our batch mates through me.

Thank you Emil for remembering me, I shall never forget you. Because of you, there is more reason for me to continue my work with the batch - something I almost gave up on. Bless you dear friend....

 Randell Tiongson
LSGH Batch 84
Search-In Circle 21